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Felt Roofing in Woking and the Surrounding Areas | Applied by Experienced Roofers

Are you looking for a fast, cost-effective flat roofing solution? Be it a shed, garage, workshop, factory or any other flat-roofed structure, our high-performance torch-on felt roofing ticks every box. With over 80 years of experience, our roofers have unmatched expertise in all aspects of roofing and roof repairs. If you prefer felt roofs, you can rely on us for a strong, robust, durable and visually appealing installation.

Northwood Roofing Contractors covers locations across Surrey. This includes our hometown of Woking as well as the surrounding areas of Bisley, Esher, Guildford and Weybridge.

Our roofers happily visit properties across the county for initial consultations, be it for felt or any other kind of flat roofing. Please contact us to schedule yours.

What is Torch-On Felt Roofing?

Torch-on roofing consists of three layers of modified bitumen, also known as felt. During the application process, our roofers use a blowtorch to melt-weld these layers to the roofing surface and each other. This creates a waterproof, impenetrable seal. The three individual layers that make up felt roofing are a vapour control sheet, reinforced felt and a cap sheet that provides a mineral finish.

This mineral layer breaks up sunlight as it hits the surface, preventing the bitumen from melting. In turn, it keeps the temperature inside the application cool during the summer.

Current UK Building Regulations state that habitable parts of homes with a felt roof must use 3-layer systems. For sheds and garages, a 2-layer system may suffice.

Unlike the cold-application process used for GRP flat roofing, we must use a hot flame when installing felt materials in Woking and the neighbouring areas. This makes installations more dangerous, which is why you should leave yours to time-served roofers, like those at Northwood Roofing Contractors.

When you choose our experienced team, you benefit from a fast, efficient service that delivers a reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing flat roofing solution.

Why Choose Torch-On Felt Roofing?

Working out of Woking, our team of locally trusted roofers has installed countless felt roofs throughout Surrey. As such, our service provides multiple benefits to include:

As with all the new roofs our roofers install, we guarantee felt roofing installations in Woking and the wider Surrey area for 10 years. Depending on whether you use a 2- or 3-layer system, and with a diligent approach to care and maintenance, felt roofs can last between 15 and 25 years.

Call 07968 310 851, 07831 134 018 or 01483 797 001 to talk over felt roofing options with one of our roofers. We cover all locations across Woking and Surrey.