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Roof Tile Replacement in Weybridge, Woking and the Surrounding Areas

Is your roof missing one or more tiles due to weathering or old age? Or has a recent storm damaged individual tiles on an otherwise healthy roof? At Northwood Roofing Contractors, we provide a roof tile replacement service tailored to your specific needs. When your roof is missing tiles, it’s vital that you have them replaced as quickly as possible. A compromised roof is much more susceptible to leaks and water damage. Delays in replacing tiles often result in larger, more expensive, more disruptive roof repairs.

As Woking-based roofers, we cover all surrounding Surrey areas. In addition to our hometown, our key service locations include Bisley, Esher, Guildford and Weybridge, to name a few.

If needed, we can combine your replacement service with any other roof repairs for a convenient, cost-effective solution.

Roof Tile Replacement | What to Expect

As with our wider range of roofing services, our roofers arrive at your property and carry out a roof inspection. Using a meticulous eye for detail, we note down your requirements before presenting the most effective, affordable solution.

With a trading history stretching back to our establishment in 1984, Northwood Roofing Contractors has developed strong relationships with the most trusted roofing suppliers in and around Woking and Weybridge. This allows us to provide premium roofing tiles at competitive prices.

Of course, we take into account the material of the tiles still in place on your roof, as well as their colour and any patterns they create. With access to an extensive range of products, we supply and install roof tile replacements with a perfect match. Our time-served roofers fit matching units in accordance with the manufacturer’s clipping and/or nailing specification.

If you need additional roof repairs, we may need to strip back a large area of tiles to complete the necessary work. This can extend to replacing the roofing felt pinned to the rafters too.

For even more extensive repairs, we may recommend sectional or complete re-tiling as the most practical, cost-effective solution in the long-term.

You can rest assured, we take all due precautions during roof tile replacement work. From Woking to Weybridge, tiled roofs in Surrey are susceptible to damage when accessed. As such, we use crawling boards, roof ladders and access platforms as required.

Insurance work

Has your roof suffered damage as a result of a storm or fallen tree? As a customer-focused company, we want you to get what you deserve from your insurance policy. Insurers, as well as their adjustors, have experience in undertaking accurate assessments. But you will benefit more from having expert roofers on your side.

As an insured company with CITB-trained personnel, we cover all insurance work. This includes any immediate repairs in the event of severe damage. We also perform temporary roof repairs to make sure your property’s damage doesn’t worsen. For example, if your roof has a hole in it, we can fit a tarp to protect it against the elements. Insurance companies typically approve these services.

You can also arrange for one of our roofers to be present when an adjuster comes to your Woking, Weybridge or Surrey-area home to inspect the roof. During this visit, we outline our reasons for the cost of the roof tile replacement work or wider roof repairs.

In most cases, when a roofer gives their opinion, this helps to create a fairer, more accurate quote from the adjuster. By working with Northwood Roofing Contractors from the outset, you are much more likely to experience a smoother process that results in quicker repairs.

Call 07968 310 851, 07831 134 018 or 01483 797 001 to schedule a roof tile replacement inspection at your property in Woking, Weybridge or the surrounding Surrey areas.