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Roof Tile Replacement in Woking | How the Weather Impacts the Need for Roof Repairs

Due to its position at the top of your property, it’s easy to forget about your roof’s condition for long periods of time. In fact, some homeowners in and around Woking don’t even realise they have a problem until water ingress has already caused significant damage. As local roofers with more than a century of shared experience, Northwood Roofing Contractors provides a full range of services.

From roof tile replacement to felt roofing, and from flat roofing to all types of roof repairs, we do it all.

Because the UK experiences a wide range of weather conditions, it’s important to monitor the condition of your roof. Fluctuations between hot and cold, not to mention the affects of rain, hail, ice and snow, eventually take their toll.

A proactive approach to roofing inspections and maintenance can help to catch small issues, avoiding the need for roof tile replacement or bigger roof repairs. In the long-term, this means minimal disruption and less money spent on roofers.

Below, we look at how the weather affects the roofs of Woking properties, be they tiles, felt roofing or any other material.

The Impact of the Weather on Your Roof

Hot Weather

Despite the associations with calm, pleasant weather, the hotter months of the year cause more harm to pitched and flat roofing than you may realise. Our team of roofers typically deals with issues related to:

Cold Weather

From felt roofing to flat roofing, most property owners in Woking associate services like roof repairs and roof tile replacement with the colder, wetter months. To an extent, this is true. However, we always advise having our roofers handle issues in the warmer drier months for your own peace of mind.

Needless to say, the weather has a year-round affect on your Woking property’s roof. This is why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to roofing maintenance. This can make all the difference between a single roof tile replacement and large-scale roof repairs.

From felt roofing to flat roofing to pitched roofing, our roofers cover every eventuality. With a full range of roofing services, we can help keep your roof in, or return it to, optimal condition. Please take the time to view our customers testimonials and to see what our roofers can do for you.

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